Little Fields Farm

Little Fields Farm is an organic farm in Bright, ON producing quality veggies, pastured chicken, turkey, pork and eggs.



Large Black is a rare heritage breed known for producing rich and exceptionally flavourful meat. We raise our pigs on a large area of pasture to give them the space to express their natural behaviours. They spend their days rooting up grass, wallowing in the mud, and relaxing in the shade. They're fed a diet of non-GMO grains to meet their protein needs supplemented with forages, garden scraps, fallen apples and cracked eggs.

We sell our pork in 20 lb bundles of mixed cuts that feature bacon, ground, chops, sausage, soup bones, a roast and a ham for $150. Ribs, hocks, lard and organ meats can be added by request.

The bundles are available for pick up on-farm in May and December. Contact us to order for the next pick up!