Little Fields Farm

Little Fields Farm is an organic farm in Bright, ON producing quality veggies, pastured chicken, turkey, pork and eggs.

Cucumber Mint Cocktails

1.5 oz gin
4-6 cucumber slices and 1 tbps pulp
Lime wedge
1 tsp lime juice
1 cup of tonic water or Perrier
6 mint leaves
1 Tbsp sugar or equivalent sweetener (optional)

Crush the cucumber pulp, mint leaves, sugar (optional) and lime juice in the bottom of a glass. Add in the gin. At this point you can leave it for a while and the flavours will meld. When ready to drink, add in the tonic/Perrier as well as the cucumber slices. Garnish with lime wedge and mint. Voila! A flavourful spin on a classic G&T. This recipe can be quadrupled and made into a pitcher. Omit the gin for a delicious mocktail.